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Monday, 9 August 2010

Hobby: The Evolution of Painting.

I thought people would find this interesting.

From the oldest model I could find I own, to the latest one I have finished.

Nobody is born paintbrush in hand.

Standard Troop
1993 Blood Angel 2nd Edition model -> Sanguinary Guard, 2010.

1994(?) Corbulo -> Marneus Calgar 2010.


Alpha Legion predator 2006 -> Blood Raven Predator, 2009.

(Sorry, all my old old old tanks are in deep storage in a storage facilty, i'll see if I can find them sometime)

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hobby: Blood Angel BaaL Predators.

I have returned to Australia, and done some hobby work.
No painting yet, sadly.
I have been busy with a lot of assembly I had been putting off until the move was complete.
I have built, in no particular order.
2 Baal Predators.
The Fortresss of redemption.
6 city of death buildings.
25 sanguinary guard.
10 Alpha Legion space marines.
1 Chaos Land Raider.
Shrine of the Aquila.

Phew! Quite a bit done!

I'll show you pictures of them all, one a day. We'll start today as the title suggests with the Baal Predators.

Their turrents are fully magnatized, and I super detailed them using a Japanese supe detailing rivet kit

Any comments are welcome!