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Monday, 21 June 2010

Hobby: Epic Lord Octavian (Counts as Marneus Calgar)

Maybe I can get FTW top 10 #1 spot finally with this attempt!

Lord Octavian of the Blood ravens, Chosen of Kyras.
Counts as Marneus Calgar.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sorry, just a WIP this week!

Sorry everyone, but with my moving back to Australia next month, things have been too hectic to get much painting done this week. Also I spent all weekend at Disney land with my girlfriend.

I do however have a WIP of my current painting project to whet your appetitties :)

It's my entry for a painting competition. It's my personal Blood Raven's captain, at a later stage in his career than my older model, when he is even more badass, using Calgar's rules.

Very mush a work in progress. Red is all finished, but everything else is still being worked on, and a lot of bits and icons have yet to be attached!


My captain has a bit of fluff. I am making models of him throughout his life.

His family are outcast nobels from Ultramar. Thrown out due to a member of their family being accused of heresy.

They went from being nobels on Ultramar with prestige and power to beggers on another world. Octavian was raised in this bitter enviroment on a barren mining world, where he was found at a young age by a passing Blood raven recruiting ship.

Thus he Has a very ultramar sense to his style and clothing. And this is why i use Ultramarine special characters to represent him throughout his life.

I'll be using Telion to make him as an elite scout leader as well.

His burning desire is to restore his blood families honour, and through becoming the greatest hero the imperium has seen in these dark days blaze a trail that will shame the Ultramarines who cast them out.

But will he burning desire for revenge against the Ultramarines for past misdeeds turn him into the Imperiums greatest hero....or its greatest enemy?

Small steps corrupt.

This is the picture of him as a new Space Marine Captain.

Keep your eyes open here for more updates!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Hobby: Blood Ravens 2nd Tactical Squad, 1st Half

This is my tactical squad that is wearing entirely Mark VIII 'Errant armor.'