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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Hobby: Blood Ravens 2nd Tactical Squad, 1st Half

This is my tactical squad that is wearing entirely Mark VIII 'Errant armor.'


  1. Hi,

    I really like them. The red is brilliant and well highlighted. It's a toughie but I'm going to say my favourite is the Multi-Melta toting Marine.

  2. Very nice minis indeed. I just ofund your blog this evening and I am glad you did, you have a very nice brush on you...looking forward to more.

  3. Nicely done! I particularly like the Sergeant.

  4. Very nice. Did you use a dark base for the red or base red gore + wash before highlighting?

    The Blood Ravens chapter symbols is nice freehand work. It's interesting to see how varied these can be. Your chapter symbols look like the version Thomas Schadle uses. I use the one from the last Marine codex, which is different than the one used in the video game.

  5. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

    And to my Chinese Readers, I can read everything you say. My girlfriend speaks chinese, so please keep commenting!!

    Black undercoat, Mech Red, Red Gore, wash baal red, and then highlights.

    Shading is 50/50/50 Dark Flesh, Badab Black and Baal red :)

  6. This does look fantastic and can't wait to see everything together!