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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Hobby: Sanguinary Priest

Angels live, they never die
Apart from us, behind the sky
They're fading souls who've turned to ice
So ashen white in paradise

Sanguinary Priest Sahaquiel, He who harvests the Seed, the Crimson Wing.
Attached to the Sanguinary Guard, Blood Angels Chapter, 999.M41


  1. Very nice work Roleplayer, good use of parts for a unique Sanguinary Priest there.

    How do you go about painting your white? Its lovely and smooth.

  2. fantastic mini. really great job.

    Vred, I would guess 5-6 or more layers of thinned down white.

  3. Its painted on a black undercoat, and is a blend of space wolf grey, gaveyard earth and white for the body armour and fenris grey, astronicon grey and white for the wings.

  4. Very sharp whites. Love the contrast.

  5. Looking mighty fine, very good job on the whites and just the whole pose of the mini!

  6. Love it mate! A really sweet looking kit-bash and the paint job looks fantastic. I will have to give your method of painting white a go. I plan on doing white helmets for my Crimson Fists but a little daunted by it.

  7. wow, just wow. very beautiful sang priest. fantastic white!

  8. can u do a step by step tutorial PLEASE!???

  9. share your "white technique" with Us. Step by step Tuto plzzz.