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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Hobby: Firestorm Armada, The Terran Fleet is mustering.

So, having recently heard of Firestorm Armada on the d6 Generation, I deceided to take the plunge and jump on it.

Now, I wont have anyone to play with until I return to Australia in August, but I thought it would be a good idea, and just plain fun, to get 2 different fleets painted and ready.

So I ordered myself a Terran Starter Fleet + Carrier and a Dindrenzi Starter Fleet + Carrier.

I got mine from Wayland Games, who were as always very fast and even threw in a spare Battleship for me! :D

Anywhere here are the ships. These were acheived with a simple mordian blue (GW) drybrush followed by enchanted blue (GW) and finally ice blue (GW).
The details were then picked out with boltgun metal(gw) washed with Badab Black (gw) and then highlighted with Chain main and mithril silver, both GW.

You take 'Squadrons' of ships in this game, for example a squadron of cruisers is 1-3 ships. And being able to tell squadrons apart is an important game mechanic.

To this end I painted each with squadron markings in astronomicon grey, and then space wolf grey. I also painted number markings into the ship free hand. And painted the Terran Alliance fleet symbol on them.

These are still work in progress and not quite finished yet!


I tried to use the green laurels here to denote squadron command. 


I put names on the bases of the ships as its cooler in my mind to say, "I broadside the Defiant!" rather than say 'I broadside that one."

All the ships have their names painted on the sides of their hull too, but that might be too hard for an opponent to see easily in a battlefield!

Comments encouraged as always!


  1. Still not used the name I gave the unpainted one?

    any luck on the freehandpads?

  2. Name has been used!
    I just haven't taken photos yet!