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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hobby: Valkryie in 2 hours.

I gave my brother a Valk for Christmas, and he asked me to paint it up for him, as his painting skills and painting motivation leave something to be desired.

I however am on vacation and have a very busy scheduale, not to mention a girlfriend who doesnt want me doing much hobby on vacation.

Either way, my brother assembled the Valk, and left it on my doorstep. With a grey valk, a bottle of paint, my brothers choice of 5 citadel colours (orkhide shade, white, red gore, shadow grey, chaos black) and just two hours to paint in, I set about my mission.

This was painted in 2 hours, including drying time for the prime, applying transfers, basing, and i had no spray gun, just one tank brush and one large drybrush and one fine detail brush.

The effect was easy to acheive, and simply involved a basecoat of ork-hide shade. After this I slowly applied more skull white to the orkhide as I blended up towards a final very light brush of pure skull white. Painted a few details, did a simple basing job and the model was complete.

My brother took it to his local games day with his friends the following day and proceeded to blow a land raider out of the battle with it. All because of the paint job, I think. ;)



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  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Nice job mate.