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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hobby: Blood Ravens Terminator Assault Squad

Blood Ravens Terminator assault squad, yet to be named.
If you have a good suggestion, let me know. My Blood Ravens use Latin/Catholic Church influence for their names.

Onto the pictures.

"Blessed is he who sufferth temptation
For when he hath been proved he shall receive the crown of life."
--34th Rite of the 1st company.


  1. those are some great looking blood ravens! what did you use for the shields and right shoulder pads?

  2. Those are excellent. The shields are fantastic and I love the effect on the hammers; how'd you do that part?

  3. Lovely looking Terminators, great use of the Chapter House Studios bits on them, the shields are particularly cool.

  4. Excellent stuff as always RP. Your dynamic poses work really well. As for naming them, there's a few I can think of:

    Consilium = Meaning Wisdom.
    Archos = Meaning Ruler.

    And then there's always the metals which sound nifty:

    Aurum = Gold
    argentum = Silver
    ferrum = Iron
    pyropus = Bronze

  5. These are truly cool - good job - Brent

  6. Very nice!

    I wish I could fit those shields into my Blood Angels army somehow. The Iconography just isnt right though for me.

    Anyways, fantastic paint job!

  7. Hey any chance we could get a closer up picture of one of the Blood Ravens in profile? I've never seen those Chapterhouse shoulders actually done up before. I wasn't impressed with the unpainted model on their website and would love to get a better look at how they clean up.