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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hobby: Blood Ravens Vulkan He'Stan

Keeper of the Holy Relics. Counts as Vulkan He’stan

Charged with finding the most secret and forbidden of technological artifacts from the Dark Times before the coming of the Emperor. Also charged with guarding all the chapter sacred weapons.
When he marches to battle, he hands out these weapons of war to his battle brothers, equipping them well for the trials and tribulations ahead. he himself carries several ancient weapons, whose secrets of construction are long since lost.

(Conversion was not done by me, it was done my Lamenter, you can find his website here: http://masteroftheforge.com
Painting was done by me.) 

And my Terminators + Sicarius in action last Sunday!


  1. Again amazing work. Do you have an army pic?

    I want to know how you do those hammers/blades and what the shields are!

  2. That Vulkan is gorgeous, both the conversion and the paintwork.

  3. Beautiful work mate! I like the cloak and the detail of the feathers on it - great stuff!

  4. The painting makes the conversion look even better. Really nice work on the smooth and strong colours. Great painting!

  5. How did you make or convert those storm shields budd? could you email me