Example The Standard Template Construct: Hobby: Blood Raven Land Raider Redeemer

Friday, 8 July 2011

Hobby: Blood Raven Land Raider Redeemer

Brothers, blessed be the machines of the machinegod!
Consider the land raider!
Without thoughts it cannot commit heresy!
Without a will of it's own they are vessels for the Emperors'! And with his will do they act on their own!
With their armor do they shield us, with their weapons do they defend us!
Truly they are the most blessed of the Emperor's servents.


  1. There are only so many ways to say Wow...

    I would be afraid to put a Mini next to that Landraider for fear of scuffing the paint! I love the downcanted weapon mount in particular above and beyond the glorious paintjob.

    The only thing I might suggest would be to dirty it up a bit! Blood Ravens are hardly the cleanliness Chapter :P