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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hobby: Chapter Master and Honour Guard

Finished at last. Gabriel Angelous and his full Honour Guard. Ready for my 2k tournament next month.

"Long ago, the Emperor foresaw humanity's need for warriors unlike any others.
Warriors who could face the unbareable horror lurking among the stars.
Who, when all others fled, would strike at that horror's very heart.
Who, on the day of certain defeat...would be victorious.
Brothers, we are those warriors...
And that day....is TODAY!""
--Gabriel Angelous, Blood Ravens Chapter Master.


  1. that is one gorgeous squad. great work.

  2. Amazing work throughout the blog. Now a follower :)

  3. the conversion is awesome. The NMM is amazing, and the whole thing is just great. Good job

  4. Always a pleasure to see your work RP. I learn a lot just checking out your details

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