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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Beaming into the Void

Intimidating is the word I would use to describe the beginning of a blog. The feeling of sending out a message into the deep, not knowing if anyone will ever see it.

Welcome to The Standard Template Construct's humble beginnings. It is my hope that this blog will quickly develop into a one-stop location for up to date hobby news, tips, photos, and articles relating to the three major Games Workshop hobbies, their specialist games, as well as a few other hobby related things.

The relevant posts will be broken down by a header before their title, the most common of which will be,

Time for a brief introduction. I live in Japan, in Tokyo, but I was born in Australia twenty six years ago. I play all 3 Games Workshop games, as well as a few other worlds besides. I participate in many local hobby events, and am active in the hobby wargame scene both online and offline. I tend to learn more towards the painting aspect of the hobby, but I am also an avid gamer, and do my best to balance the two.

I could spend all day talking about what I intend to do, but that's not really going to be of as much interest to you as showing you.

So please, read on, and enjoy your hobby!


Thought for the day: A small mind is a happy mind.

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