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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

News: The Skaven are here!

The Skaven have arrived, I saw some of the new models at my local Games Workshop store.

Here are some brief thoughts on my favourite units and choices I have seen so far, in regards to models. Expect a Army Book review  about rules once I get my hands on it.

My favourite of the new 'units/infantry' choices would have to be....

 These Storm vermin are truley amazing models, if you go and look at the actual pictures of the sprues on the Games Workshop website
( http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1510402&prodId=prod260001a)
You will see customizable these models will be. If I were a Skaven player (which I'm not sadly) I would be bouncing off the walls at the conversion opporutinies for these models, simply comparing them with the old storm vermin

and you can really see the difference. If I were a Skaven player, i'd be considering buying these or the new clanrats, and using them for every unit type in the army that doesn't have a new model, they are simply incredible! A unit of plauge ridden nurgle stormvermin? Sign me up!
Hey, there's an idea for a unit of chaos marauders...NO, BAD ROLEPLAYER.

The Heroes choices you have now received are simply amazing too!
You can see them all here
But my favourite by far must be Warlord Queek Headtaker. This model just looks like a killing machine, and fluidity in how he is jumping foward would look simply amazing leaping out of a skaven regiment. I personally don't collect Skaven, but I will be buying this model simply to be a interesting painting project. Keep and eye out here in the hobby section for it!

The other new heroes and troop choices and be found on the Gamesworkshop Advance Orders section, in the link I listed above. I simply picked my favourites to have a small talk about. Any new Skaven players will be happy, and I am really digging the ratmen's new look.

And of course, I couldn't not include...

*drool* What a nice plastic kit. Though I have to think my favourite part of the model is the engineer, his face and scream are truley epic and evil, and I love it. 
I wish I had the time for a Skaven army so I could paint one of these badboys up!

I hope my Warriors of Chaos will be hacking their way through them at a tabletop sometime in the near future!

Happy gaming, you vile, dirty Skaven players!


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